10 Kenya Travel Tips You Must Know Before Going For A Kenya Safari!

10 Kenya Travel Tips You Must Know Before Going For A Kenya Safari!

A real-life experience of what it feels like on ‘Animal Planet’ live! The genuine heart of Africa, Kenya embodies everything you’ve imagined this wonderful continent should be and some more. With its dense forests and abundant wildlife, safaris like Masai Mara, it seems a scene right out of ‘Wild Kingdom’!

People’s perspectives from other parts of the world are changing drastically when they visit this country for enjoying Kenya Safari Tours.     

Listed below are some tips to know before you move to Kenya Safaris.

Kenya Is The Africa You Think Of

Yes, Kenya is really the positive side of Africa that people think about it now such as consisting of everlasting plains of grass, ancient tribal warriors, and its forests and national parks that are teeming with wildlife.

It’s the Africa of your dreams. If you have been considering traveling to Africa for the first time in your life then Kenya may be the place for you. It has been portrayed in countless movies, books, and nature documentaries making it a well-known place to visit & spend Kenya Safari Holidays

Nairobi Isn’t That Bad

Previously, Nairobi is also used to be called “Nairobbery” and it has a strong reputation for being an unsafe place for visitors coming from abroad. Many visitors have several terrifying stories to tell but now the situation in Nairobi has completely changed. Those who have arrived with very little expectations about this city were just surprised by the change.

Not only the travellers will feel safe, but they will also find the city packed with stylish restaurants, rooftop bars, cool coffeehouses, and beautiful hotels. Not only that but Nairobi National Park is the only national park in the world that lies next to a capital city with other animal refugees and orphanages scattered around the city making your Kenya Safari & Tours quite enjoyable.

Education Is King

Have you ever seen African documentary movies? Have you checked out the documentary film known as “The First Grader?” In this documentary film, holidaymakers will come to know about the tale of Kimani Maruge, an 81-year-old man who decides to go to primary school for the first time in his life when the Kenyan government made it free for every citizen of the country.

This story is absolutely true and Maruge is considered a hero throughout the country for starting a movement and motivation to gain an education in Kenya and because of that enthusiasm Kenya has gained extraordinarily high literacy rates around 85%.

The Economy Is Booming

While Kenya is still a developing country it’s significant to note that it has the most powerful economy in East Africa. It will take only a few days in the countries capital for people to realize the nation is not like most of its other African counterparts.  

Its economy is booming because of a growing middle class, strong infrastructure, and a well-built business sector.

Join In At Least One Safari

Participating in at least one Kenya Safari national park will uplift your spirits and you will be compelled to think and even decide to make a comeback here for the next trip. The name safari comes from the Swahili word meaning “journey” or “trip.”

Nairobi National Park is close to the city and moreover, people can also visit the famous Masai Mara National Game Reserve, Amboseli, as well as Lake Nakuru National Park. Game spotting here is top-notch activity and the Kenyan Wildlife Service takes pride in the country’s natural landscapes and wildlife.   

Kenya Is Your African Show

Kenya is also known for being the backdrop for several Hollywood movies. There are numerous big-time movies that are set in Kenya. Have you ever seen a movie like “I Dreamed of Africa,” based on Kuki Gallman’s novel, actually, this movie was also filmed in Kenya because of its natural beauty & flawless landscape?

There are also movies like ‘The Constant Gardener’ telling the tale of pharmaceutical corruption, yes that was Kenya too!  Actually, Kenya became popular because of the success of this film. 

Money Matters

The Kenyan Shillings is the currency in Kenya and is currently valued at 100:1 when compared to US Dollar.

There is also no problem using a credit card in Nairobi. Kenya is not a cheap destination, but goods and all types of shopping materials are quite beautiful and affordable here. 

Coastal Vibes

The Kenyan Coast possesses white sand beaches are the perfect place to have some peace and quiet on the Indian Ocean.

Malindi, Watamu, Diani Beach, and Lamu all have the Swahili vibe that can also be found on the Tanzanian coast. Some of the most excellent food in Kenya can be found on the coast, as well as some of the most interesting structural designed buildings and cultures.  

Planning Your Trip To Kenya

For preparing for the trip to Kenya, adventures must take note of certain notes regarding the trip such as booking affordable hotels, flights, and car rentals. 

  • Flights To Kenya

In order to book affordable flights to Kenya, backpackers must compare airlines, dates, and prices all in one place. It helps a lot in reducing the prices. 

  • Travel Insurance

While traveling to a country like Kenya, people must always possess travel insurance that will protect them from any type of theft and loss of baggage in a foreign land. It also covers the insured individual for their medical expenses also. 

  • Water

While traveling to Kenya, it is advised to take filtered and fresh bottled water only. Please don’t take or drink tap water there.

  • Adaptors

Please take three prone plugs while visiting Kenya, they come in handy while charging the mobile or laptop.

  • Guide Book

You can use an electronic guidebook such as Kindle whenever you face internet-related disruptions in Kenya.

There are numerous things to care for while planning for Kenya Safari Tours and just going by the people’s perception is not going to help any explorer. It will only lead to missing out on numerous natural wonders that Kenya has to offer to everyone. Please visit us @ gorillatrips.net to get more detailed information about Kenya and its tourist attractions or booking tickets during this festive season.

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