8 Best things About Uganda That Dreamers Should Know Before Travel

8 Best things About Uganda That Dreamers Should Know Before Travel

8 Best things About Uganda

“Nature always wears the Color of your spirit- what can be a better place to enrich your spirits other than Uganda…”

Do you think Uganda is only made for safari? Well let us clarify that Uganda destinations are not only made for safari tours, but there are also countless parts that you will uncover in your journey in the country that will take you to a wondrous land. Close your eyes and imagine the sunrise over a wide-open country field, morning rain glistening on forest trees, and breath-taking mountain tops. 

Hard to believe but the truth is Uganda Safari takes you to a wonderland. It takes you to discover absolutely breath-taking natural wonders; national parks sealed with wilderness, the iconic primate’s world, and the rarest mountain Gorillas that are the prime attraction of the country.

Uganda is 100% Safe for Traveller 

 Uganda tours

Uganda is one of the safest countries in Africa to travel and the govt. of the country is continuously working on improving its safety process for travelers. The Uganda Police Force (UPF) has concentrated its efforts on reducing crime, and the results have been impressive. The major tourist areas have extraordinary security measures as the areas are flooded with travelers. If you are planning a trip, then choose Uganda Safaris with closed eyes.

Visa Cost is only $50

Visa Cost For Uganda

If you are flying from any overseas country you must have a visa. There are only a few countries in which citizens are allowed to enter the country without a visa, so before booking do a proper inquiry if you need a visa or not.

The visa acquiring system is eased now; you can apply for an E-Visa. There are 2 types of Visa; a single entry visa that is valid for 3 months and a cost $50 and a multi-entry visa that is valid for 12-36 months ranges from $100- $200.

Without a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certification, You Can’t Get Visa

Yellow Fever Vaccination Certification

Being one of the Mosquito prone areas, the country is very strict about the Yellow fever vaccination. Uganda Govt. has made the yellow fever vaccination mandatory for the travelers. So you need to acquire a yellow fever vaccination card that you need to produce for acquiring your visa. 

Dry Seasons is the Best Time to Travel

Uganda sits squarely on the equator with an average altitude of around 1,000m makes the country’s climate bit warmer. The country is a year-round destination; however, the dry season is the most preferred one to visit the country. The best time to visit Uganda is June-Sep, which is the peak season.

Shilling is the Local Currency of Uganda

Shilling Currency

The Ugandan Shilling is the currency of the country. Our currency rankings show that the most popular Uganda Shilling exchange rate is the USD to UGX rate. The currency code and Symbol for Ugandan Shilling is UGX.

The world-famous Aromatic Coffee

Aromatic Coffee

Coffee is one of the most capitals bringing crops. Ugandan coffee is one of the most used coffee beans of the world; you may have sipped a cup of them in Starbuck or must have seen a sealed packet in any of the retail stores. Having a long history the Ugandan coffee got its real name in the international market between 1999 to 2002. Coffee accounts for 20 – 30% of Uganda’s foreign exchange earnings each year, and more than 3.5 million families work in coffee-related activities. 

Mount Elgon has the Largest Volcano in the World

Mount Elgon

Mount Elgon, is an extinct volcano with largest surface in the world. On the border of Uganda and Kenya, the highest point of the mountain is Wagagai. The mountain has 5 major peaks named:

  • Wagagai (4,321 metres)
  • Sudek (4,302 metres)
  • Koitobos (4,222 metres)
  • Mubiyi (4,211 metres)
  • Masaba (4,161 metres)

The national park surrounding the Mount Elgon is one of the prime attractions of Uganda Safari Tours.

Rolex is a very Popular Food in Uganda (Not Watch)

Rolex Food

Being one of the prime attractions of Africa, Uganda safaris are its own charm between the travelers, not only because of the national parks and game reserve places or mountain gorillas but also the culture and food is a huge add-on to the Uganda Safari Tours

Rolex is one of the delicious foods you can test in Uganda and the test is equally interesting as the name. Rolex is combining an egg omelet and veggies wrapped in a chapati. The name “Rolex” comes from its method of preparation, with the chapati and the omelet rolled together. Whenever visiting Uganda, don’t miss this opportunity.

Offering a very wild sensation Uganda Safari Tours adds a lifetime memory to your dairy. If you are planning for Uganda Safaris for your next vacations then don’t take any chance, just plan your hassle-free Uganda Safaris with SASO UGANDA SAFARIS and enjoy the best of “Pearl of Africa”.

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