A Day Kayaking On Lake Kivu

Kayaking on Lake Kivu is one of the most exciting experiences in Rwanda. Get a chance to paddle at your own pace with single or double-seater kayaks while exploring and uncovering the hidden beauty of Lake Kivu’s shores and taking in views of the beautiful hilly backdrop, surrounding sceneries, and calmness of its deep emerald green waters that cover a Total surface Area of about 270000 hectares.

You can spend a day kayaking on Lake Kivu, and see the sights of Rwanda’s largest and Africa’s 6th largest Lake with a local guide. After starting from Gisenyi, Kibuye or any of the Resorts (such as Cleo Kivu Hotel), you’ll paddle along the banks, passing the small Islands and watching birds darting in and out of the woodlands while fishermen prepare their nets during the day for casting by sunset.

While you paddle gently on Lake Kivu, you will listen to interesting stories and legends about the area in addition to relishing the lakeside sights from your guide as you go, and admire the plush Resorts that line the hills around Gisenyi or Kibuye (depending on where the kayaking adventure started off). Kayaking in Lake Kivu is for beginners, experts, and literally everyone interested in going off the beaten track in discovering the natural beauty of Rwanda’s largest Lake which is also shared by the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo. Usually, a safety briefing is conducted as well as training is provided to all visitors at the start of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

An African Great Lake and undeniable treasure trove, Lake Kivu is hidden in the western side of Rwanda and surrounded by phenomenal mountains as well as deep emerald green waters that offer shelter to numerous species of cichlids that include the redbreast tilapia, Lake Tanganyika sardines, the long fin tilapia and so much more. Kayaking on Lake Kivu also makes it possible to explore its charming white sand beaches as well as secluded rural villages at your own pace.

A typical day of kayaking in Lake Kivu

Booking has to be done in advance to allow proper planning. You will meet the team in Gisenyi or Kibuye for this unmatched kayaking experience on Lake Kivu. You will discover and even agree that one of the unforgettable ways of enjoying this phenomenal safari destination and its secluded shoreline is taking a kayaking adventure, which is surprisingly ideal for adults and children alike. Therefore after a short safety briefing and training (demonstration), visitors will now be free to paddle at their own pace and explore Lake Kivu in the best possible way.

Given the fact that innovative BIC brand kayaks are used, this makes them versatile and maneuverable for Lake Adventures. They also have stern handles which make it possible for you to hang on and swim while providing easy access on board. They also come with a comfortable seating area, in addition to being equipped with waterproof bags for keeping your phone, camera, money, keys, and other gadgets thus making them ideal for discovering the waterfront in style. The kayaking team is also on hand and standby with safety equipment, a first aid kit, and a map of the beautiful Lake while suggesting some of the unmissable tourist sites to discover or just somewhere nice to relax and enjoy lunch after the adventure.

The ideal time for kayaking on Lake Kivu

While kayaking excursions on Lake Kivu can be made all year round, the best time is from December to February and June to September because this is a dry season when water levels have reduced but be prepared for unexpected occurrences like winds and rains. Some of the must-have things for this adventure include sunglasses, a safari hat, backpack, sunscreen, a good camera, binoculars, a rain jacket, any clothes that you don’t mind getting wet, and enough drinking water. 

We are delighted to host you not only for Kayaking on Lake Kivu but also for other adventure moments in Rwanda including the most popular gorilla trek adventure, the chimpanzee safari, and the canopy walk-in Nyungwe forests. 

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