African Safari – A Great Trip To Discover The Untamed & Unfenced Animals

African Safari – A Great Trip To Discover The Untamed & Unfenced Animals

Need to know more before planning your African Safari? Visiting Africa has always been a dream for the world visitors. The lush green impenetrable forests, the towering mountains, the beautiful lakes, the pristine beaches, the dotted wild beasts in vast Savannah, the endless desert dunes and above all the mountain gorillas have been some of the biggest draw cards of attracting the international tourists for centuries, but still appearing fresh and untouched.

Come and explore this varied land where the vegetation differs along with the landscape, the animals differ according to the surrounding but the people remain same everywhere who greet the visitors with the smiling face.

5 Destinations Not To Be Missed On African Safari

Tanzania: –

World widely known for the Serengeti Migration Tanzania is a picturesque land with world famous mountains, lush green forests, varied wild animals, and vast savannahs dotted with grazing beasts. The dream of the children would come true finding to the ferocious animals roaming in the unfenced National Parks freely during Tanzania Safari. The Serengeti Migration the biggest animal show in the world would appeal to both elders and older.

Rwanda: –

The real mystery of Rwanda lies with Volcanoes national park which is a part of the great Virunga volcano conservation region. Take a taxi to village Musanze, and then take 2 hours drive to get at the National park during Rwanda Safari. Discover most amazing animals in the world from under the African bushes, Rwanda is known for:”The mountain Gorillas”. Being photographed with a Gorilla family would be the most awe-exciting moment of your life. Apart from this you can spot Hyena, buffaloes, elephants, black-fronted duiker including 178 bird species here.

Uganda: –

Visit to the lushest highland rain forest on earth, filled with primates and exotic birds, valleys, hilltops and swamps the “Bwindi”. Activities here will include Game Drives, Launch Cruise, Hill Climbing, Waterfall and nature walks, Crater Lake and cave exploration, Gorilla tracking, and village walks. No visit in the world can match with Uganda Safari.

Kenya: –

When you think of Africa with its vast wildlife, its broad Savannah, snow-capped mountains and deep forests…you are imagining the land of Kenya. Kenya Safari evoke the raw brilliance of Africa. The drumroll of wildebeest hooves across the Masai Mara. Elephants wandering beneath Mount Kilimanjaro in Amboseli. Leopards and lions patrolling the savannah. This is the country where African safari really started and the experience remains as evocative as ever.

DR Congo: –

Congo is a perfect place for tourists who want an unforgettable blend of adventure. There is so much to see on Congo Safaris but you will see less since you cannot visit all the attractions. Insecurity still remains a big threat to some parts of the country. Only a few safari attractions are safe for visit and these are the places we operate our safaris from. Below are some of the facts you should know about DRC Congo.

If you want to have an exclusive African Safari experience, then we the Gorilla Trips is the one stop solution for all your Wildlife Safaris, Adventure, Culture and Leisure Tours and Holidays. We operate in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania, as well as the Republic of Congo. Just drop us a mail and we would let you to explore the whole of Africa as you dream and desire. Grab this opportunity of exploring Africa with us with luxury.

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