Capture Fine Points On The Timing And Weather Of Tanzania Safari Tours

Capture Fine Points On The Timing And Weather Of Tanzania Safari Tours

Many people are going to Tanzania Safari And Tours to spend quality time with their families, to make their honeymoon special, to relax on the beaches, and for trekking. Most people prefer the dry seasons of June to October for Tanzania Safari.

Let us demonstrate the weather and climate of Tanzania for your next level of planning for Tanzania Safari Tours:

When To Visit Tanzania For Your Safari

Dry season

As you know Tanzania is located near to the equator, you can experience only two seasons like the rainy or wet season and the dry season.

As a long dry season, June to October is the Best Time To Visit Tanzania like national parks, game reserves, and lakes. The time is most favored by the tourists because of better wildlife view and the great migration.

Spotting the wildlife is easy as they are concentrated in a huge number around the rivers and waterholes. This is the perfect time to watch closer both prey and predator in their action.

In the dry season, you will face more crowds and highly-priced facilities and accommodations. Do not forget to take warm clothes with you as you are going to feel cold in the mornings and nights of the dry season.

Wet season

From November to May, is known as the wet season whereas, in the month of November and December, a short rain is received. But you will face most of the difficulties from March to early June for the long rain. Spending on the beautiful beach of Zanzibar island may put you inside of the lodge.

 In January and February is actually a short period of the dry season and is also known as the calving season. The most interesting part is the most famous TV channels like National Geography and Discovery choose November to February to make their informative films.

November to February is the Best Time To Visit Tanzania to see the true color of nature. However, spotting wild animals is not easy during the season. You can meet the newborn babies in the Tanzania Wildlife Safari and the best time for bird watchers.

But in between November to February, you can see huge wildlife in the parks of Northern circuits. You will find fewer crowds and can avail facilities at a lower price.

Climate Of Some Popular Destinations In Tanzania

Arusha National Park

Though game viewing inside the Arusha National Park is excellent all year round, late June to October is the excellent time to visit this park as there you can easily find the wild animal.

In the dry season, you need to carry warm clothes for the cold in the morning and night from June to August. From October to December, the park receives short rains. However, the Climate Of Arusha National Park remains moderate.

For a climb to Mount Meru, June to February is the best month except for November.

Tarangire National Park

From late June to October, is The Best Time To Visit Tarangire National Park as most of the animals migrate out of the park during the wet season. But, in the dry season the nearer animals of this park come into the park’s territory.

The price of facilities and accommodations remains lowest in April to May and high from June to October. As most of the wild animals stay near to the Tarangire River, you can spot them easily in the dry season.

Selous Game Reserve

In the dry season, the vegetation becomes thinner and you can easily spot the wild animals near the water source. From late June to October, you will not feel overheat as the humidity remains low. But the dust and drought are very common in the dry season.

You can enjoy the greenly lush scenery from October to May. But we are not recommending you to go Selous Game Reserve in March, April, and May as the roads have the least accessible profile due to mud.

The rate of facilities and accommodations remains low from March to May, whereas, the rate remains high in the dry season.

Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park is the most favored park in all seasons except April and May. June to September is the best time to view wildlife in Serengeti. You can enjoy the view of the Great Wildebeest Migration when crossing the Grumeti River in the western corridor during the month of June to July. You can watch the migration in September while crossing the Mara River.

January to February is the calving season for the wildebeests and you can watch the predators in action. However, this park offers great wildlife throughout the year. As migratory birds are present in the wet season, it is the best time for bird watchers.

The price for facilities and lodges remains low in the month of April and May, whereas, in July to March, the price remains high with more crowds.

Mount Kilimanjaro National Park

If you looking for the best time to enjoy Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, then the dry season from July to October, are The Best Time To Watch The Wildlife.

The national park remains warm in the daytime during January and February. During November to February, the rain is slight with low humidity.

Best Time To See The Great Migration

July to early October is the best time that offers to see the great wildebeest migration around the Serengeti area. As wild animals don’t have a specific routine to start the migration.

To see the encounter between the predators and prey while crossing the Grumeti River, June to July is the best time. September is the best month to see the great migration while crossing the Mara River.

Best Time To Go Birding

The Best Time To Go For Birding is the time between November to February or the wet season. For the migratory bird depends on their breeding plumage and the rain brings out insect which helps birds to raise their babies. So the wet season is The Best Season For Birding.

In Tanzania, you can watch birds in Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park, and Serengeti National Parks. For bird lovers, November and December is the Best Time To Visit Tanzania for birding.

To get the spectacular view of birding with green scenery of nature, you can choose the wet season on March to May, visit the best Tanzania Destinations

Is It Worthwhile To Take A Safari Trip During The Wet Season?

If you want to avoid the crowd and have a tight budget, then November to May including the wet seasons are The Best Time To Visit Of Tanzania.

Due to the presence of the migratory bird, you can enjoy the birding safari from November to May. From November to March you can watch the greenly delightful of emerald green denser vegetation as most videos are shot during this time for filming.

To get the most pleasant experience of nature with the wildlife, you can go in the period of June to February for Tanzania Safari Tours.

If you are planning to go on Tanzania safari tours to make your vacation unique and memorable, we will recommend you to go during the dry season i.e. late June to October or late December to February, and Discover Some Of The Finest Spots in Your Safari In Tanzania

Gorilla Trips provides excellent services throughout the year. Don’t hesitate to call or contact us to make for successful planning. Our guides with other staff are well-behaved, learned, skilled, and practically experienced to make your trip successful beyond your desire.

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