Bomu Wildlife Reserve.

Bomu Wildlife Reserve is a hidden gem situated within the north of the Democratic Republic of the Congo bounded by the Mbomou River or known as the Bomu River. The reserve is managed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature – in Congo Category Ib. The Wildlife Reserve covers an area of 4,125.6 km2 in Bas-Uélé Province.

allens-swamp-monkey-bomu-wildlife-reserveBomu Wildlife Reserve is characterized by remote savannah plains along the south bank of the Mbomou River, which forms the border with the Central African Republic. Bomu River and tourists can enjoy the striking views of the river and the magnificent Blue Mountains of DRC.

Bomu Wildlife Reserve used to be a controlled hunting ground and used to house numerous wildlife species but was eventually wiped out due to the high rate of poaching, and then became the Reserve.

Some of the common Tourist activities within the Wildlife Reserve include Fishing in Mbomou River, Fossil hunting, guided nature walks, birding, and boat rides among others.

Fishing within Bomu Wildlife Reserve is conducted from Mbomou River where tourists are able to catch different sizes of the Nile Perch. Half-day or full-day fishing adventures using motorboats can be organized for tourists. Only a maximum of three anglers are allowed in each boat for safety reasons.

Fossil hunting is one of the most important and interesting activities that allow tourists to hunt for fossils that have existed for generations.

Bike Riding is characterized as a must-do activity for tourists who are interested in exercising while at the same time viewing different wildlife species within the the Wildlife reserve. The savannah plains of the Reserve offer magnificent biking trails that participants can ride through easily, we normally advise you to come with your bike.

There are over 460 bird species including the Albertine Rift endemic bird species making it the best spot for bird lovers. You will need cameras and binoculars for an ultimate birding experience to marvel at such activity at its best.

Besides Okapi Wildlife Reserve, Bomu Wildlife reserve is another place where tourists can relish nature walks in the wild. The most recommended time is early morning or sunset when a variety of wildlife such as buffaloes, duikers, and warthogs can be sighted.

Nature walks are a must-do for most tourists who visit Bomu Wildlife Reserve. The most interesting is when the nature walks are conducted from the Albertine Rift, the escarpment that rewards tourists with the breathtaking views of several antelope species, warthogs, primates, and bird species among others.