Kisimba Ikobo Primate Nature Reserve (963 km2)

Kisimba Ikobo Nature Reserve – (963SQ.KMS)

Kisimba Ikobo Primate Nature Reserve (Reserve des primates de Kisimba-Ikobo) is a protected area located in the North Kivu Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Central Africa. This beautiful nature reserve lies in the Eastern side of Congo at altitudinal range of 1950 meters, with its borders extending to cover up to 960sq.kms of land area.

Kisimba Ikobo Nature ReserveEstablished in 1998, the Kisimba Ikobo is one of the numerous nature reserves that make Congo an exceptional destination worth visiting for a safari in Africa yet remains not fully exploited. The protected areas cover over 13.83% of the Congo’s land area with most of them declared as World Heritage Sites or Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO/as wetlands of international significance under Ramsar Convention.

Kisimba Ikobo Nature Reserve is another typical example of community led protected areas besides the Tayna Nature Reserve. Both Tayna & Kisimba Ikobo Reserve were established and managed by the local customary powers given to the Kisimba, Batangi, Ikobo and Bamate traditional communities. The main aim is to preserve the biologic heritage and foster social development.

Kisimba Ikobo Nature Reserve is set between the lowlands of the Congo basin and the Albertine Rift highlands. This is an area rich with world’s important biodiversity and the species include over 45 threatened species of flora and fauna, also listed in the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Besides, it is also a significant habitat to endemic and restricted range species such as Okapis, the Eastern lowland gorillas (Grauer’s gorilla/gorilla beringei beringei), African elephants, etc. The nature reserve also protects a large population of antelopes, buffaloes, colobus monkeys, plus other species. Regardless of local communities’ efforts to protect the reserve, the surrounding area is still highly threatened. Forest fragmentation remains the major threat to wildlife conservation in the reserve.

Kisimba-Ikobo was recognized by the government of Congo as a natural reserve in 2008. On a tour in Kisimba-Ikobo Reserve, there are higher chances for tourists to view variety of wildlife and floral species in the wild. The reserve is naturally endowed, featuring all that is required to sustain varied plant and wildlife species.

Location of Kisimba Ikobo Primate Nature Reserve

From Goma to Kisimba-Ikobo Nature Reserve, it is 150kms. Goma town is found in the Eastern side of D.R. Congo. It is set within the world’s most tropical forest, a region known for its biodiversity, inhabiting different endangered species.