N’Sele Nature Reserve

N’Sele Nature Reserve is a secluded Protected Area in the Democratic Republic of Congo and protects some of the rarest wildlife species on Earth. It is one of the smallest Protected Areas in the country but so far the largest in Kinshasa with approximately 13 square miles (34 square kilometers) to its name. It is here that outstanding animals like African bush elephants, Hippos, giraffes, Rhinos, lions, zebras and giant pangolins are found.

N’Sele Nature ReserveHowever like most Protected Areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo, N’Sele Nature Reserve has been faced with a number of conservation challenges that include poaching/hunting by local communities as well as habitat encroachment. It is worth noting that over 1050 kilograms of illegal Ivory as well as about 1197 kilograms of giant pangolin scales were confiscated and burnt within the National Park as a representative act of combating illegal animal trafficking.

N’Sele Nature Reserve is found in Maluku Town, approximately 31 miles East of Kinshasa, the largest and Capital City of the Democratic Republic of Congo as well as few minutes from the International Airport of Ndjiji within the remote commune of N’sele. Besides N’Sele, other Nature Reserves in this Central African country include Okapi fauna Reserve, Kisimba-Ikobo Nature Reserve, Tayna Gorilla Reserve, Lyondji Community Bonobo Reserve, the Luo Scientific Reserve, Sankuru Nature Reserve, Lomako Yokokala Nature Reserve, Itombwe Nature Reserve, Tumba Lediima Nature Reserve, Ngiri Triangle Reserve and the Abumonbazi Forest Reserve among others.

Things to see within N’Sele Nature Reserve

N’Sele Nature Reserve’s proximity to Kinshasa makes it many travellers place to be for day tours and with its rich diversity, it is worth visiting.

The mighty N’Sele River is one of the most breathtaking things you will enjoy in this Nature Reserve, making it a perfect place for refreshing boat trips and photography with endless views.

Hundreds of tree species are also found in the Reserve, in addition to lots of wildlife species that include lions, Rhinoceros, giant elands, Roan antelopes, zebras, Hippos, giraffes, bushbucks, Oribis, giant pangolins, African bush elephants, to mention but a few.

The Gazebo restaurant within the Reserve serves some of the most mouth-watering local and International dishes and given the fact that it is great with kids is a plus. Expect great sceneries of the River and other parts of the Nature Reserve while enjoying your meal at this restaurant.

For the things to do in N’Sele Nature Reserve, boat rides on N’Sele River, game drives, guided nature walks, cultural experiences, bird watching, picnics and camping as well as wildlife photography are unmissable.

Best time to explore N’Sele Nature Reserve

The Reserve is great all year round. The dry season-June to September and December to February comes with great wildlife viewing experiences as animals tend to gather around the watering points but expect huge crowds during this season. The rainy season from March to May and October draw small crowds to the Nature Reserve, great photography due to more luxuriant vegetation but animal visibility is somehow distracted as animals tend to hide in the taller grass.