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DR CONGO Tours And Safaris

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Congo is a perfect place for tourists who want an unforgettable blend of adventure. There is so much to see on Congo safaris but you will see less since you cannot visit all the attractions. Insecurity still remains a big threat to some parts of the country. Only a few safari attractions are safe for visit and these are the places we operate our safaris from. Below are some of the facts you should know about DRC Congo.

Why Visit Congo?

Much as Congo is among the only three countries with mountain gorillas in the world, it would really be mean if you visited Congo only for gorillas. Mount Nyiragongo offers one of the hardest dares in tourism. Ascending the world’s most dangerous active volcano, spending a night there and descending it the next day is an unforgettable experience. Staying in the loneliness of Tchegera Island is another breathtaking experience. For gorilla lovers, Congo has three gorilla species; the endemic eastern lowland gorilla, the lowland gorilla and the endangered mountain gorilla. You have a chance to track all these whilst on your Congo safaris.

Gorilla Trekking in Virunga National Park

The Congo gorilla trekking experience is the cheapest among the other 2 countries. A gorilla permit in Congo costs only $400. This amount is $200 less than the $600 of

Best time to see Congo gorillas / visit Congo

The best safaris are experience in dry seasons. Weather should be everything in knowing when to visit a particular safari destination. The shortest dry season begins from December till January where as the long one begins from June to September. Visiting during these months is strongly recommended. Visiting during the rainy months is not recommended because your experience can easily get ruined. This does not mean rain falls everyday. If lucky, you can even complete your safari without a single drop of rainfall. But even if it rained, This is Africa (TIA). The sun can easily come out, dry the soil and your day goes on.

What you should do on Congo tours

Consider visiting at least one of the gorilla species and mountain gorillas preferably. If your fit enough, climb Nyiragongo and if you tire out, seek for relaxation from the magical isolated

Is Congo safe?

Congo is safe and not safe at the same time. You should never visit an area you are not sure of in Congo as some are red zone areas of rebel militia groups. It is recommended to organize your safari through a Congo tour company. These safari companies are usually well informed and know the areas that are safe for visit. Attractions like Virunga National Park are heavily guarded, safe and open for tourism.


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Our Pride

We pride ourselves in being innovative and creative, especially when it comes to designing, planning and executing customized safaris. We offer a wide range of exciting tours and safaris which our guests can personalize or customize, based on their interest, budget, time scale and other requirements.

With a dedicated team of planners and experienced safari guides with diverse knowledge of the destinations to be covered, we put into consideration the interests of our guests to arrange the finest customized tours for them in Uganda and Rwanda and to ensure value for money safari experiences that are very exciting.

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Responsible Tourism

We believe in responsible tourism and work towards ensuring that tourism maximizes the benefits to local communities, minimizes negative social and environmental impacts, and helps local people conserve fragile cultures, habitats and species.

We care about preserving the environment and natural resources, respect local customs and practices, care about the needs of the local people and are dedicated to giving our guests more than the average package deal.

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Get The Necessary Travel Information, Ideas & Advices About Dr.Congo

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Before entering Uganda, Rwanda, or DR Congo, you need to obtain a visa. In the case of Uganda, tourist visas can be bought in advance via the embassy or consulate in your country or can be purchased at the airport upon arrival. Passport photos are not required. A single entry tourist visa costs US $100 per person for a stay of up to 90 days. For Rwanda, a visa can be gotten in advance through the embassy or consulate in your country.

In Uganda and Rwanda, ATM cards and credit cards can be mostly used without any hassle. While Visa credit cards are by far the most convenient way to withdraw cash, MasterCards can be used at Barclay’s Bank, for example. Outside of Kampala and Kigali, ATM machines are scarce. Upcountry, ATMs can be found in larger towns. Your Instinct Safaris guide is further advised to temporarily help cover expenses in Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo in case you cannot withdraw cash at a given moment. We do not recommend trying to obtain cash in DR Congo at this time. Instead, we recommend bringing cash (either Uganda Shillings, Rwandan Francs, or US Dollars). Travelers cheques are not recommended in the countries we serve.

The topography of Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo covers a wide panel of terrains. Along with this array of landscapes comes a range of climates specific to these regions. All three countries are situated at a relatively high altitude compared to other east African countries. When going on safari with us, it can therefore be important to plan ahead and to know just when to encounter the best trekking and wildlife viewing conditions. While mountain gorilla tracking is recommended throughout the year and rain can come down on any day, our recommendations for the best travel times only apply to wildlife viewing and safari on the flatter plains in Uganda and Rwanda.

As mentioned before, Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo encompass a wide range of geographical features and a number of different climates. In any case, make sure to bring durable walking shoes or boots, sun glasses, and sun screen. Do not forget to pack insect repellent to fight off mosquitoes in the evenings, rain gear, and your camera. As far as clothing goes, go for comfortable boots, preferably two pairs. Shorts and long trousers and regular T-shirts or buttoned shirts are a good choice. Especially around Bwindi National Park and the Virunga volcanoes, mornings and evenings can be rather cold (down to 5 °C). Please make sure to bring appropriate clothing.


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