Everything You Need To Know Before Your Adventurous Fishing Trips In Uganda

Everything You Need To Know Before Your Adventurous Fishing Trips In Uganda

Uganda Fishing Safari is a unique and wonderful experience that visitors should not miss when visit Pearl of Africa. It is the home for over 300 species of fish. Spot fishing began in the early 90s to acquire importance and seemed to be a popular event not to be missed in Uganda safari.

Our Uganda Safari is private and personalized to meet, satisfy and exceed every traveler’s expectations. Through the content you can get complete information about adventurous Fishing Trips In Uganda & where to go for fishing.

Where To Go For Adventurous Fishing In Uganda?

Sport fishing of Uganda Safari is a great way to spend time on vacations. You may create some healthy capture competitions the largest or most beautiful fish if you are on safari with your family or friends. It is all up to you.

Lake Victoria, Lake Mburo National, Ssesse Islands, Murchison and the National Park and the River Nile are the greatest fishing spots. Spot fishing in the best Places to Visit in Uganda is done mostly by tourists and a few residents in Uganda and may be done at the below spots.

Murchison Falls National Park:

North-west of Kampala around 6 hours on the road. Fishing may be done in this location throughout the year but most secure season from December to March and from June to October is reported at top. The Nile River is crossed by Murchison Falls National Park is the best place for sport fishing.

Sport fishing occurs mostly on the banks of the falls at the safari resort of Paraa and in Karuma, near the safari resort of Chobe. You may utilize the boats or walk the sides of the fall to the rocks under these drops to access these spots.

Lake Victoria:

Lake Victoria is Uganda’s biggest fresh water body and the world’s second biggest body of freshwater, located in the area of the great lakes. Lake Victoria, with its waters from the Kagera River, is shared by three nations that include Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya. Lake Victoria is one of the Best Places To Visit In Uganda where tourists love to enjoy the great time for fishing.

Ssesse Island:

The islands of Ssesse are located on Lake Victoria. It is a tranquil site with wonderful views and the seclusion you need to fish at the site. You will have to carry your own fishing equipment or gear just as another fishing spots. Tilapia, Nile perch and Lung fish are among those fish that may be caught in Ssesse.

Fishing At Sipi Falls & Mountain Elgon:

At the slopes of Mountain Elgon lies the most beautiful triple waterfalls in Uganda. Permits in this particular area can be secured from Sipi River Lodge and like Lake Mburo, you will have to carry your own fishing gear.

To fish at the banks of the falls, you can use fish hooks, bobbers, needle nose pliers, sinkers, fishing rods, fish bait, and fishing ledgers among others. Most common is the rainbow trout fish – a vibrant and colourful fish that is hard to catch. 

The biggest trout can weigh up to 3 kilograms. You will be guided by a local tour guide on the best ways to catch the rainbow trout and the best spots for this activity.

Lake Mburo:

Lake Mburo is situated in Lake Mburo National Park in the western portion of Uganda. This is considered as one of the greatest places to enjoy spot fishing. For site fishing, permission from Uganda Wildlife Authority must first be obtained and only valued at five dollars. Lake Mburo is fished around the town of Mazinga and Tilapia is the most usually caught fiah.

Ggaba Landing Site:

The Ggaba landing is on Lake Victoria in Kampala, known for the commercial fishing centre Kampala. It is considered as one of the best Tourist Attraction in Uganda. Tilapia, silverfish, Nile perch, catfish and pulp fish are the most common fish that caught in there.

Fishermen deploy wet fishing boats and have long abandoned canoes. Some of them are immediately auctioned off after fishing, while others in frozen trucks are transferred to other areas of the country, while others are shipped in other nations.

Economical Fishing in Uganda:

Lake Victoria is host to many fishing villages, but Lutoboka is the big one. There are different people on the shores of Lake Victoria living here, tossing nets of bait for fishing. The fishing village is full of different ethnic groups, but the largest population belongs to the male species, with the majority of people married to girls who mainly carry out this activity for their survival.

The fishing village is quite busy but it’s the cheapest place to buy and to get it fresh from the waters if you want to get fish cheaply. Kids, women, and men fish because the bulk of them earn a living from the selling of seafood.

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