Experience Rhino Trekking in Uganda

Rhino Trekking in Uganda only takes place at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. It is no secret that it is becoming one of the most popular safari experiences in Uganda. The Ziwa Rhino sanctuary currently is home to twenty-two southern white rhinos, the sanctuary offers rhino trekking, shoebill trekking, canoeing, bird watching, and night walks.

Besides tracking rhinos at the sanctuary, visitors may also spot a range of other species including Uganda kobs, oribis, bushbucks, and waterbucks. The prehistoric-looking shoebill stork is one of the most sought-after birds in Uganda, and the sanctuary is one of the only places where they can almost always be seen. Visitors can see over 300 bird species along bird trails through the woodlands, swamps, and savannah.

The highlight of visiting the Ziwa Sanctuary is spotting the White rhinos in the wild, you will be guided for more than an hour on foot to see and watch the white rhinos roaming in their natural habitat.

Ziwa rhino sanctuary forms part of the greater Murchison Falls that make the park home to the big five animals.  Don’t miss the opportunity to take a guided game drive in the park. The main areas of the drive are the Delta, Buligi Peninsula, and the southern section which is known as the heart of Murchison. The Delta allows visitors an opportunity to see Lions, while the triangle of grassland in the Buligi Peninsula provides an opportunity to see elephants, buffalo, antelopes, and giraffes. This grassland is bound by the Victoria Nile entering Lake Albert with the Albert Nile flowing out of it. Lions, leopards, and water birds along with hippos can also be spotted here. Much of the southern part is populated with dense bush and forest, where lions and giraffes can also be seen.

Explore the park more with a night game drive, where you will be introduced to extraordinary night sounds and sensations, including a beautifully clear night sky and several nocturnal animals that are residents of the park.

Complement your rhino safari to Uganda, with a boat safari along the Nile that runs from Paraa to the base of the fall.  The three-hour return journey is for many a highlight of a trip to Murchison. Along the river, there are thousands of hippos, enormous crocodiles, amazing bird life a possible sighting of the rare shoebill. Here is the best Uganda safari opportunity to explore the magic of a wildlife safari.

Spend some time exploring other parts of the country, deep in south western Uganda is Bwindi Forest, home to mountain gorillas and popular for Uganda gorilla safaris and other cultural experiences such as the Batwa cultural encounter that demonstrates their way of life. Spend a week or more in Uganda for an exclusive African holiday. 

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