GORILLA TREKKING PERMIT UGANDA. A gorilla permit is a document that has been summarized into an electronic card as part of the innovative systems that have been on going at Uganda wildlife Authority to make the access to the gorillas.  Sadly due to poaching, war, disease, and habitat loss it is estimated that there are only around 880 Mountain gorillas left in the world. The good news is that with implemented conservation efforts between Rwanda, Uganda, and DRC their numbers are slowly rising.

GORILLA TREKKING PERMIT UGANDA, cost individuals $800 for one day or one hour with the gorillas. This is the mid-range price point. The Rwandan gorilla permits cost $1500 and DRC gorilla permits cost $400. Uganda removed the discounts for the low season in order to compete favorably in the region.

I would recommend going for gorilla trekking in Uganda as they are cheaper than in Rwanda and the country is more stable and safe than the DRC. But you can visit the other countries as well.

Uganda also holds more gorillas than neighboring countries and besides the gorillas, there are plenty of other wildlife and birdlife to see in the country! Such as, the tree climbing lions of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The easiest way to acquire gorilla trekking permits in Uganda is to go with a local operator, and SASO UGANDA SAFARI is the best in Uganda.

It offers a number of packages;

A packaged deal that includes your lodging, transport, food, and permits will save you a lot of time and headache when booking. However, it is possible to do the trek by yourself if you have your own transport or patience on a local Ugandan bus and can get to Bwindi.

It is not advisable to show up to the park without gorilla trekking permits, as they only issue a set number per day and during high season it can get busy.

Instead, I suggest contacting the SASO UGANDA SAFARIS at least one month before your arrival to secure for you GORILLA TREKKING PERMIT UGANDA. Once you have the permit, you can them decide to even choose the group tour to enjoy your time here in Uganda.

Do you have any more questions about GORILLA TREKKING PERMIT UGANDA, visit our frequently asked questions or contact us directly.

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