How To Book A Gorilla Safari In Uganda

Book a Gorilla Safari In Uganda today and travel later. Uganda (fondly known as the Pearl of Africa) is a gorilla trekking haven. The World-famous Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the lesser-known Mgahinga Gorilla National Park offer unrivalled gorilla trekking experiences in the southwestern part of Uganda. Most first-time travellers will not only wish to get up-close and personal with the mountain gorillas in their natural habitats but stay in the more accessible Safari Lodges for convenience.

If planning where to go on a Gorilla Safari In Uganda  consider what you wish to enjoy alongside gorilla trekking. If you plan to stay in upmarket Safari Lodges, head to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and if you desire to enjoy volcano climbing, comprehensive Batwa cultural experiences and trekking the golden monkeys, then you would consider visiting Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Here are the steps of how to book a gorilla safari in Uganda;

Safari destination to trek the mountain gorillas

Like any other African safari, one of the most crucial aspects of planning a gorilla safari in Uganda is choosing where to go. First, Uganda is made up of two wonderful gorilla trekking destinations and for you to choose the perfect place to go, will depend on your other interests. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has the highest mountain gorilla population with over 20 habituated gorilla groups while its counterpart has only one habituated gorilla group.

Consider the needs and aspirations of travellers and their other preferences

Each visitor or group of visitors naturally have its various wants, needs and aspirations. Are you planning to travel with children or even seniors? If you are planning to travel with children or elderly visitors, you will most likely have fewer layovers hence properly check the travel routes in the country as well as the list of backup airlines just in case. It is important to talk to your Tour Operator who will most likely arrange a less hectic gorilla group for the seniors, baby sitters for children below the legal trekking age.

How early to book your gorilla safari (when to go for the gorilla safari in Uganda)

Everyone will tell you that booking your gorilla safari early is the best decision you will ever make. You will need months to a year of booking before the actual trekking date. However, this is also influenced by the number of visitors in the group, the size of the accommodation facility as well as the time of the year that you plan to go. You will discover that most places of lodging are usually at capacity about a year earlier during the peak season.

The two gorilla trekking destinations get more crowded in addition to the prices of accommodation facilities being higher or fully booked during the peak seasons (June to September and December to February). This is however the opposite in the low season (March to May and October to November). During these months, cheaper prices are offered while fewer visitors visit these Parks.

Establish your budget

Establishing a perfect budget for your gorilla safari in Uganda is not a simple task unless you own a gazillion of dollars in the bank. It is therefore the responsibility of gorilla trekkers to maximize the Gorilla safari experience while at the same time sticking to a budget. Therefore, a budget for flights to and from Uganda, and booking in advance are advisable. Therefore, a typical 3-day gorilla safari in Uganda for two travellers during the peak season can go for about $2000 per person and this doesn’t include tips, vaccinations, souvenirs, shopping, visas and insurance.

Choose your safari provider

For many travellers, gorilla safaris offer a real sense of adventure and this involves booking the tip on their own, yet you will be less stressed when booking via a tour operator.

Go ahead to book flights and be prepared to travel

It is also important to book your flight early to enjoy the advantage of getting your preferred seats as well as places of lodging during the desired dates. Having made your research, you are then prepared for booking. The next step is knowing what to pack for your gorilla safari, checking the visa requirements for Uganda and safety guidelines to be followed during the trip among others.

For your gorilla trekking in Rwanda , the same booking procedures may be applied to visit and track gorillas in Volcanoes National Park.

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