Jinja The Adventure Capital Of East Africa

Jinja truly is the adventure capital of East Africa and home to the world famous Source of the Nile River. Jinja gets its adventure capital title from the wide range of activities on offer – including whitewater rafting, kayaking, lake cruises, mountain bike rides, horse riding and stand up paddleboarding to name just a few. Jinja – The Source of Adventure is home to all of Jinja’s must-do activities located only 2 hours from Kampala…

How To Spend A Perfect Day In Jinja, Uganda

To enjoy all the activities on offer in the city and also see all the tourist attractions, you need to spend more than one day. But if you lack the time to do so, here is how you can make the most of your one day in Jinja.

Top things To do and see in Jinja…

White Water Rafting :

Get wet and wild on an inflatable raft on the world famous whitewater of the Nile River. Whitewater rafting on the Nile is all about big volume rapids and beautiful lush river scenery.

Bike Riding:

Bikeventures Uganda offers a range of bicycle tours, rentals and events in and around Jinja. Bikeventures tours include historical tours, community tours, nature tours and village tours.

Boating on the Nile:

Where else can you ride a jet speedboat at 55 miles per hour over whitewater rapids? If you’re not scared of getting whiplash, this unique adventure activity operated by Saso Uganda Safaris a combination of excitement and novelty, inclusive of 360-degree spins! For those wanting a smoother ride, the Mvule boat is a traditionally handcrafted vessel with modern engine power. Plunge off the boat for a dip or enjoy riverside views as the boat navigates calmer sections of the Nile.

Bungee Jumping:

If admiring the source of the Nile by water doesn’t catch your fancy, how about a birds-eye-view? Plunging 144 feet off a bridge over the river sounds a lot more exciting–if your nerves can handle it. Saso Uganda Safaris  also offers tandem jumps, in case taking the leap on your own is too terrifying. There really is no better way to seal a friendship than jumping off a bridge together.


Take A Walk Along The Historic Main Street:

This is the longest and oldest street in Jinja with some of the oldest buildings in the town that were built in the 1920s. Pop into some of the craft shops and art galleries, and marvel at the art pieces before buying some souvenirs.

Walk To The Mahatma Gandhi Shrine:

Go on to take pictures at the Mahatma Gandhi Monument and also, pay homage to him if you’re inclined to do so. The monument was built as a tribute to Gandhi for his great works in spreading the message of peace in Africa and because his ashes were scattered in the Nile River from Coronation Park as per his request in 1948.

Riverside Bike or Horseback Trails:

Though Jinja’s claim to fame is its location at the Nile’s source, there are plenty of land-based adventures awaiting. For cycling enthusiasts, Explorers Biking Safaris operates bike tours from Jinja, which range from riverside day trips to more lengthy bike and camp tours of the surrounding areas.

For those less athletically-inclined, you can explore Jinja by horseback. Your horse will take you through beautiful trails along the riverbank, offering epic views of the Nile.


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