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Kenya has some excellent promising areas for off-road mountain biking. Cycling is such an enjoyable sport because you get to burn calories while exploring and sightseeing, plus de-stress and bond with friends. As the popularity of the sport increases, more and more mountain bikes are now for hire, and there is plenty of undiscovered country for bush biking.

Cycling and Mountain biking can take place on forest trails, highways, national parks, and beaches. For roads and some trails, racing bikes will do but it’s best to have a mountain bike for most off-road cycling since most roads are rough and will take a toll on racing bikes. There are mountain bikes for hire that you can use and return after your adventure.

Best Road Cycling & Mountain Biking  Locations in Africa

  • Riverside Park – This is a great biking path from Westlands to Muthaiga around Karura Forest to the United Nations. The route is approximately 17 miles, but it also depends on the course taken.
  • Karura Forest – There are designated trails in Karura Forest for people to explore and it makes for a great Saturday activity with friends.
  • Naivasha Biking Trails – Hells Gate National Park is the best place to explore the animals while bike riding although there are so many lodges in Naivasha that hire out bicycles.
  • Diani – Cycling is an excellent way to explore the South Coast and it enables you to visit the village roads, where you are sure to meet other people.
  • Watamu & Malindi- Just like Diani, there are many trails to explore the beachside trails.
  • Limuru – There are many places to cycle in Limuru because the road doesn’t have many cars and the views of the tea plantations are amazing. This road also has some turns and sometimes it gets cold and misty during the cold months like June and July.
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