Meet the Gorilla Family –An hour with the Mountain Gorilla


Meeting a mountain gorilla family in Rwanda is an unforgettable and unique experience. An hour with the mountain gorillas in Rwanda is an experience like no other.

Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park is home to ten habituated mountain gorilla groups. Each gorilla group has a dominant male or head- a silverback.

Gorillas are intelligent and social animals. The Virunga Mountains that span Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo are their home.

In the following, you will know about your experience with Mountain Gorilla Family during your Rwanda Gorilla Trekking.

When to go to see the Mountain Gorilla in Rwanda?

The best time for mountain gorilla trekking in Rwanda Safari Tours depends on the weather and your personalized preferences. The country has two rainy seasons:

The long rains: from late March to May. Heavy and persistent rain can make trekking challenging.

The short rains: from mid-September to November!

The Best Time To Go Trekking Gorillas In Rwanda Is During The Dry Seasons:

  • June to September is the best time for Gorilla Safaris In Rwanda. The dry and sunny weather makes hiking easier.
    • December to February is also suitable for visiting Rwanda, as the weather is dry and mild.

Remember that even during the dry season, it can rain, and the trails can be slippery and muddy. Come prepared with the appropriate clothing and gear.

Top Things To Know About Meeting The Gorilla Family In Rwanda

Know a few essential things about meeting the Gorilla family in Rwanda. It helps you have the best experience possible and understand the importance of conservation efforts.

Obtaining a permit:

To meet the gorillas in Rwanda, you must get a permit through the Rwanda Development Board.

Permits can be sold out months in advance. So, book well in advance. The permit fee is currently $1500 per person/day for foreign non-residents. The money goes towards gorilla conservation and the development of local communities.

*Note- The age limit to track gorillas is fifteen years old!

Physical fitness:

The hike to meet the gorillas can be challenging and take several hours. The terrain is steep and muddy. Wear sturdy hiking boots and long pants. Do not forget to bring enough water and snacks.

Behaviour guidelines:

The gorillas are wild animals and must be respected.

Maintain a distance of seven meters (23 feet) from the gorillas at all times.

Stay low and quiet!

Do not make any sudden movements.

You must adhere to strict behaviour guidelines set out by the park rangers.


The critically endangered- mountain gorilla population is around 1000 gorillas in the wild. Their survival is under threat from habitat loss and poaching.

The money from the permit fees goes towards conservation efforts.

It helps to protect the gorillas and their habitat.

Limited time:

You can spend only one hour with the gorillas to cut the impact on the animals. The gorillas are okay with human presence. But excessive interaction can cause stress for them.

Health and Safety:

Note that gorillas are susceptible to the same diseases as humans. So, visitors who are sick or have a cold should not visit the gorillas. The gorillas can contract diseases from humans.


You can take photos of the gorillas. But avoid flash photography as it can disturb the gorillas. Take care not to disturb the gorillas and their habitat.

Take the Help of a Professional guide!

A professional guide plays a vital role in helping you meet the gorilla family. Your guide leads you to the gorillas and provides information about them and their habitat.

What Travelers Say About spending an hour with the Mountain Gorilla?

Jack and Camilla say:

We made our way through the forest. During the hike, the rangers showed various plants and animals, like birds, monkeys, and bushbuck. The forest was alive with the sounds of the birds and other animals. We can smell the damp forest floor. After about an hour and a half of hiking, we reached to see a family of mountain gorillas.

Susanne says:

I spent an hour with the gorillas. Watching the gorilla family interact with each other was magical. The gorillas were at ease with our presence. Observing a wild animal was a peaceful experience. After an hour, we left the gorillas and returned to the park headquarters.

The experience of spending an hour with a mountain gorilla during your Rwanda Gorilla Safari is a reminder of the beauty and fragility of nature. You can see the importance of conservation efforts.

The critically endangered- Mountain Gorilla population may not survive without conservation efforts.

Spending time with the Gorilla family is truly a different kind of adventure. And you can contact our safaris expert at Gorilla Trips to book your next Rwanda Gorilla Trip. Our safari team will make sure you have seamless and memorable Gorilla Safaris In Rwanda.


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