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Mountain Gorilla Trekking & Wildlife Safari Tour Trips is the service we offer and we do it best. Saso ‘Gorilla Trips’ Uganda Safaris manages and operates Saso Gorilla Trips website. We are a Ugandan based Safaris & Tour Operator Company established to deliver an enriching African Safari experience to our guests. We care about preserving the environment and natural resources, respect local customs and practices, care about the needs of the local people and are dedicated to giving our guests more than the average African safari deal. With that in mind, we deliver our services around a well formatted Responsible Tourism Policy to help us streamline our causes with tourism actors and partners.

Considering our passion for the wildlife and the expertise we have acquired over the years in wildlife Safaris and mountain gorilla trekking safaris in the famous jungles of Uganda and Rwanda safari parks, our travel products are unquestionably top market. Our Gorilla Safari guides will take you through the thick jungles of 3 of the only habitats of the last 1008 remaining mountain gorillas in the world. It’s a life’s dream adventure.

Tell us about your Africa safari trip plans and one of our specialists will be in touch to plan a unique trip for you…

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Budget Gorilla Trekking Safaris

Saso ‘Gorilla Trips‘ Uganda Safaris offers both luxury and budget gorilla trekking safaris that are tailor-made to accommodate your style of travel, time and budget estimates.

Our gorilla safaris destinations include 4 major destinations in 3 countries, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in Uganda, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and Virunga National Park in DR Congo.

Our gorilla safari packages are all inclusive making sure we do the hard part of getting you to the Mountain gorillas in their natural habitat with little or no hustle on your part.

Gorilla Trekking Experience in Uganda Vs Rwanda

Featured Small Group Safaris in Uganda

12 Days Best of Uganda Rwanda Safari$2,800
Best of Uganda Rwanda Safari

Entebbe to Kigali

Book this 12 Days Best of Uganda Rwanda Safari Holiday Package from $2800 and get to experience an African Safari Adventure in both the Savannah & Jungles.

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Uganda Gorilla & Chimp Safari$3280
Uganda Gorilla & Chimp Safari

Savannah, Gorillas, Chimps

The 15 Day Uganda Gorilla & Chimp Safari is a group budget Uganda Safari starting from $3280 and adventuring to Uganda’s hot spots including gorilla trekking.

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Best Big Game Safari in Uganda$3340
Best Big Game Safari in Uganda

Game, Boat, Jungle Safaris

Set out to discover the Pearl of Africa on this great planned budget 16 Days Best Big Game Safari in Uganda that features gorillas, game drives and culture.

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Animated Gorillas and Wildlife Safari$3800
Animated Gorillas and Wildlife Safari

Jungle, Savannah

The 18 Day Animated Gorillas and Wildlife Safari combines the best safari experience of both The Savannah wild and the jungle treks of Bwindi and Kibale.

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Our Responsible Tourism Policy

At SASO Uganda Safaris Ltd we believe and work towards ensuring that tourism maximizes the benefits to local communities, minimizes negative social and environmental impacts, and helps local people conserve fragile cultures, habitats and species. So we wrote this Responsible Tourism Policy to guide us into delivering on our promise and we hope this policy compels our travellers into joining our causes.

We are fully aware that tourism is a two-edged sword. It can bring prosperity through jobs, foreign investment and foreign exchange and at the same time it can damage environments, stress societies and erode cultures and traditional values.

In addition to the 20% tourism revenue that the government gives back to the communities surrounding the national parks for development, SASO Uganda Safaris Ltd, on its part, encourages responsible tourism by supporting the economic, social and environmental causes.

Read our detailed responsible tourism statement.

Popular Uganda Gorilla Safaris

Bwindi Gorilla Trekking Safari
Bwindi Gorilla Trekking Safari

Budget Gorilla Safari

The 3 Days Bwindi Gorilla Trekking Safari ($950) is a short budget Uganda safari that gets you meeting the endangered mountain gorillas in Western Uganda jungle. All included in the package plus the gorilla permit.

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Wildlife and Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari
Wildlife and Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

Entebbe – Bwindi

You will follow the Nile to the thundering Murchison Falls and do a game drive, Kibale Forest, Queen Elizabeth National Parkand gorilla tracking in Bwindi gorilla forest are all in the mix.

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Gorillas and Chimpanzee Trekking Uganda Safari
Gorillas and Chimpanzee Trekking Uganda Safari

Entebbe – Kibale

You will have an experience of a life time as you watch at close range these majestic apes feed, play and relax but before that you’ll track down the habituated chimpanzee in Kibale – what an experience.

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Gorilla Trek Uganda & Wildlife Safari

Entebbe – Bwindi

Lets take you on a gorilla trekking adventure in Bwindi Forest, watch the habituated chimps in their Kibale habitat and go on game drive in the savannah plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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Uganda Wildlife Holiday Adventure Safari
Uganda Wildlife Holiday Adventure Safari

Entebbe – Kibale

This Uganda safari that will take you to Kibale Forest for Chimp trekking which is the main attraction. You will conclude the tour with a visit to the source of the Nile for adventure sports and cultural allure.

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Uganda Primates & Wildlife Safari
Uganda Primates & Wildlife Safari

Kibale, Bwindi & Mburo

This one takes you for an unforgettable jungle adventure into two of the major primates safari parks, Kibale Forest and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest then seal up the experience with a savannah safari in Mburo.

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Uganda Gorillas & Savannah Safari
Uganda Gorillas & Savannah Safari

Murchison, Kibale, Bwindi & Mburo

Take the Africa Big Five Trail and discover the best of Africa Wild combined with nature’s discovery into some of the most famous jungles on the continent. Packed with Game Safaris, Boat Safaris and Gorilla treks.

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Best of Uganda Wildlife Safari
Best of Uganda Wildlife Safari

Murchison, Kibale, Bwindi & Mburo

Combine both a savannah safari and jungle safari trek experience and live and adventure like no other in Africa. We take you to the thundering Murchison Falls, through queen, kibale, Gorillas in biwndi.

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Why Chose to Visit Uganda

Gorilla Safaris, Savannah Holidays and More

Uganda is a tropical country and much of it lies on the African plateau between 900 – 1,500 meters above sea level. This gives Uganda a nice tropical climate, with temperatures averaging between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius during the day and between 12 and 18 degrees Celsius at night. Dubbed the pearl of Africa, Uganda is home of natural beauty displayed in the vast beautiful landscape and rare animal species like the Mountain Gorillas and the White Rhinos.

It’s the moment of truth meeting with a mountain gorilla in Uganda. After a long, sweaty scramble, your guide ushers you quietly into the clearing. Troop 13 are taking their midmorning break: hillocks of black fur protrude from the glossy greenery on every side – a crooked elbow here, a swollen belly there. Above the drip-drip of the foliage come sporadic snores and the soft sound of wind. Yes, there’s little going on, but you have never felt so alive. You inch forward and reach for your camera.

Include Uganda on your travel bucket-list today!

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What Do You Know About Mountain Gorillas

Few animals have sparked the imagination of man as much as the mountain gorilla, the largest of the living primates and the last member of the ape family known to science. Most gorillas live in inaccessible regions in various dense forests in tropical Africa, and only in the last 30 years have scientists learned details of their life in the wild.

Gorillas are broadly divided into mountain and lowland with a few more sub-species within that. We recommend Rwanda, Uganda for mountain gorillas and Republic of Congo for lowland gorillas. It is possible to see the mountain gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo but the on-going instability in the east of country makes it difficult. If you are wondering about the difference between lowland gorillas and Mountain gorillas.Here’s a simple traveller’s guide to gorilla trekking in Uganda & Rwanda

The powerful mountain gorilla is one of four surviving gorilla subspecies. They’re found in just two isolated populations – in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda which is in the Virunga volcanoe ranges – which span the borders of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Mountain gorillas generally live in gorilla groups with several females and their young, and one dominant male. Dominant males are known as ‘silverbacks’ because they have a patch of silver hair on their back and hips – which they develop when they’re about 12-15 years old. They’re found in high-altitude montane and bamboo forests – sometimes at elevations of 4,000m – where they mainly eat leaves, shoots and stems.

Mountain gorillas are found in two separate locations: the Virunga Range of extinct volcanic mountains on the borders of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda in Volcanoes National Park and Uganda in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Some primatologists believe the Bwindi gorillas may be a separate subspecies.

Thanks to conservation efforts, the population of mountain gorillas has increased from 620 individuals in 1989 to around 1004 mountain gorillas in the world today. This number is likely to be accurate and reported by UWA, because these animals have been intensely monitored since the 1950s.

The Virunga population numbers 480, and lives at altitudes ranging from 2,300-4,500 m. Most of these gorillas range within the southern part of Virunga National Park, DRC, and the Volcanoes National Park (Parc National des Volcans), northern Rwanda, while a few use the Mgahinga National Park, southwestern Uganda.

The Bwindi population lives at elevations of 1,500- 2,300 m. A 2011census recorded 440 individuals. Additionally, four orphaned mountain gorillas currently reside in a sanctuary in Uganda.

Charismatic and intelligent animals, gorillas share 98.3 percent of their DNA with humans. They are our closest cousins after chimpanzees and bonobos.

How big do mountain gorillas get?

Adult male gorillas weigh up to 440 pounds and can reach a height of six feet when standing on two legs. Mature male gorillas are known as “silverbacks” for the white hair that develops on their back at about 14 years of age.

Physical Characteristics: The mountain gorilla is massive, with a short, thick trunk and broad chest and shoulders. Its eyes and ears are dwarfed by its large head and hairless, shiny black muzzle. Older males develop a crown of muscle and hair that makes the head look even longer. The arms are longer than the stubby legs. The fully adult male mountain gorilla is twice as large as the female.

Females have a gestation period of 8.5 months and nurture their young for several years. Generally, females give birth to one baby every four to six years. This slow population growth makes it harder for gorillas to recover from any population decline.

Momma gorilla sniffing baby's bum while auntie looks on, Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Momma gorilla sniffing baby while auntie looks on, Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Newborn gorillas weigh about 1.8 kg (4 lb.) at birth. They are as weak and uncoordinated as human babies. For the first four years of their lives, they get around by clinging to their mothers backs. By 3.5 years of age, the young gorillas are fully weaned from their mothers milk and start the same diet as mature mountain gorillas: plants, leaves, roots and shoots.

Scientific name: Gorilla beringei beringei
Number remaining: Approximately 1004
Extinction risk: Critically endangered
Habitat: high altitude forests in central Africa
how many mountain gorillas are left in the world

The big question is “how many mountain gorillas are left in the world?”. There about 880 Mountain Gorillas left in the world and all that number can be found in the Virunga mountains on the borders of DRC with Rwanda and Uganda. The Lowland gorillas are found western Africa in Congo.

Uganda Experiential Safaris

Stray from the well-worn tourist path and discover the deep cultures of individual destinations with the emerging trend of experiential tours. There’s no cookie-cutter package for tourism, with consumers striving to “travel better” and seek out destinations rich in culture, nature and history instead of the typical game drive destination. Experiential safaris allow visitors to dive into a destination or habituation experience, people and culture, giving them the ultimate vacation experience. This aim for bigger and better experiences is prominent across Africa, especially in the Eastern region. Let’s dive in ….

Combined Uganda & Rwanda Gorilla Safaris

A combo safari to Uganda and Rwanda is one of the great wildlife adventures on the planet. The star attraction is the highly endangered mountain gorilla. An encounter with a silver-back gorilla can be a hair-raising experience and one you will never forget! The welcoming people, lush landscapes and other wildlife attractions make combined Uganda Rwanda tours an ideal addition to any African safari.

Game Drive in Uganda & Gorillas in Rwanda Tour6 DAYS
Uganda Rwanda Tour Holiday8 DAYS
Uganda Rwanda
Tour Holiday

Kigali, Ihema, Volcanoes NP, Bunyonyi, Bwindi Forest

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The Nile, Savannah & Rwanda Gorillas Safari Adventure10 DAYS
The Magnificent Uganda – Rwanda Tour18 DAYS
The Magnificent Uganda – Rwanda

Entebbe, Murchison, Kibale, QENP, Lake Mburo, Volcanoes, Iby’wanchu, Kigali

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Visit Rwanda

Rwanda Gorilla  Safaris  & The Land of a Thousand Hills

Rwanda is a landlocked country located in east-central Africa. The country is mostly covered by steep hills and deep valleys with its highest point being Karisimbi (14,187 ft; 4,324 m) in the Virunga mountains. Although well known for the horrible history of the genocide, Rwanda is a nice country, with magnificent people, mountain gorillas, amazing lakes, mountains, a great climate, good roads, a nice standard of living with cheap things ranging from food to accommodation and lots of other things.

The Rwanda gorillas in the Virunga mountains are shared with countries like the Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo. These three countries share the few remaining gorillas in the world. People frequent Parc National Des Volcans to track these humble giants that have endured civil and world wars.

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