Safari Experience In Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve is one of the most secluded, endowed yet rarely visited destinations for wildlife safaris, thanks to the plethora of species of animals as well as birds that call it home. Extensive and open savannah grasslands dotted with rolling hills, deep valleys, diverse sceneries, and most interestingly animals are what you will expect in this remote Protected Area.  It would interest you to know that this Wildlife Reserve is situated in the western part of the Albertine Rift Valley, within the heart of the Blue Mountains in the Democratic Republic of Congo as well as the stunning Lake Albert. It covers an area of 87 square miles comprising sweeping savannah plains, stunning woodlands, rolling hills, and deep valleys.

How Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve came to be

Before Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve came to be what it is today, it was initially a Controlled Hunting Ground but this led to the endangerment of different animals. Surprisingly, some animals were completely wiped out by the high rate of poaching. It was gazetted in 2002 but experiences low tourist traffic.

Things to see on your Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve safari

Lots of wildlife species are sighted in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve, although the hot spots include the secluded shores of Lake Albert, isolated forests, the banks of Rivers Hoywa and Wamababya, and woodlands where Olive baboons, Chimpanzees, Bushbucks, bush duikers, Hippos, Black and white Colobus monkeys, Uganda Kobs, Defassa waterbucks, Jackson’s hartebeests, vervet monkeys, and impalas are sighted.

This Protected Area is also a birding paradise boasting of over 460 bird species such as Black-headed weavers, Northern Carmine bee-eaters, yellow-billed Oxpeckers, the bare-faced go-away bird, and African jacana, Grey-crowned cranes, pelicans, Grey herons, Pied kingfishers and so much more.

Aventure that defines the real safari experience in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

A real safari experience in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve includes;

Day and Night Game Drives where Defassa waterbucks, Uganda Kobs, bushbucks, vervet monkeys, and Hippos are commonly spotted while driving through savannah plains aboard open safari vehicles.

You can explore and experience Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve through fossil hunting where the rich history of Uganda can be uncovered.

With over 460 bird species you can’t afford to miss Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve for your Birding Safari In Uganda. Just grab your camera and binoculars for a thrilling birding expedition through the woodlands, savannah plains, Lakeshores, and River.

Are you an active/or physically fit traveler? Then try out mountain biking for your Uganda Safaris in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve where spectacular views of the Blue Mountains in DRC and the shores of Lake Albert can be relished.

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve is one of the few Wilderness Areas were Quad biking can be enjoyed.

Guided bush walks are the perfect way of enjoying your safari experience in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve with opportunities of exploring the Albertine Rift escarpment and many areas of the Protected Area.

Are you an experienced or first-time horseback rider and interested in exploring Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve in a different way? You are welcome to ride among the bush duikers, bushbucks, Uganda Kobs, and Defassa waterbucks.

There are also opportunities for fishing in Lake Albert where Catfish, Nile Perch, and Mudfish are caught while riding on motorized boats with fishing hooks or fishing nets.

When is the ideal time to enjoy the unmatched safari experience in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve?

Unmatched Uganda Safari Experiences in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve are achieved during the dry season -December to February and June to September when rains are scarce hence leaving out few watering points where animals gather thus unforgettable wildlife viewing opportunities.


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