Sipi Falls: The Most Romantic Place in Uganda

Sipi falls

Choosing the Sipi Falls tour as your destination in your vacation is the best choice rather than choosing random destinations for spending quality time with your beloved one. It doesn’t matter how popular the place it might be, the uniqueness of the place you should consider before choosing the place.

Located on the East of Uganda, in Kapchorwa district, the Sipi Falls is 277km far away from Kampala, the capital of Uganda. Located on the foothills of Mountain Elgon at the edge of Mount Elgon National park on the Uganda Kenyan border, is famous as the “most romantic falls” in Uganda. The romantic falls got the name from the Sipi River which was named after the “Sep” plant growing with a similar appearance of wild banana on the river bank. With leaves of translucent green, Sep plants have been used as medicinal purposes for treating measles and fever. In your Sipi Falls tour explore the beauty of Uganda However, the name was formed when a local lady wrongly answered about the waterfalls to the foreigners while picking the Sep plants.

The waterfalls consist of three prominent layers of waterfalls where the longest drops with a height of 100m. The second fall has a number of small waterfalls before jumping from a height of 75m. The third layer of fall is tall and forms a column of water with a height of 85m.

You can enjoy the alluring view of the waterfall on the charming beauty of nature with your loved one in your Uganda safaris. The strong flow of water with mist creates the mini rainbow that is enough to take your breath away. Spotting the hike ways for the Mount Elgon near the waterfalls offers you the most unique and spectacular view to enjoy the dazzling beauty of nature in your Sipi falls tour.

Best time For Sipi falls tours

Sipi falls tour

As the place is closer to the equator and has an altitude of 1775 m, the weather is favourable all year round. For your Sipi Falls tour, the time from June to August and December to March are recommended to visit the Sipi falls. The place remains cool in all of the seasons of a year and visiting this place in the dry months will give you the most comfortable experience during your Uganda safaris.

As this place is marvellous as well as calm and cool, this is the best place for you to leave the restless and competitive life behind. It is the best place for chilling up, loosening up, and perfect for the meditation.

Coffee plantation visit during sipi falls tours

Coffee plantation

You can find coffee plantation around of the Mountain Elgon, with an altitude of 1600m to 1900m above sea level which has perfect soil and cool weather for Arabica coffee plantation because of the volcanic eruption. In the Bugisu region, you can see the entire process for coffee production and meet the farmers, processors, exporters, and roasters among others. 

Mount Elgon expedition

Mount elgon

Mount Elgon is the second largest volcanic in the world having an altitude more than 3000m from the sea level. This mountain also has the widest surface area on the planet which is 400 square kilometres. The delightful and unique nature of this mountain includes montane forests, flower species, bamboo forests, and giant Lobelia deckenii.

You can find wildcats, birds, bushbucks, hyenas, and antelopes. During your Sipi Falls tour, you can go hiking, abseiling, nature walk and rafting.

Abseiling and rock climbing


Abseiling involves descending rocks and slopes using the friction device which was attached are tied with you. Technically, descend means moving downwards from a higher to the lower level.

For abseiling, the descents usually organize at the Chebonet Falls and made up of 15 sport climbing routes ranging from 10m – 35m. Climbing or hiking is the best options you have to do in your Sipi falls tours. Do not forget to wear hiking helmet and other climbing gears to take with you.

Bird watching

Bird watching

There are a lot of things you can do like swimming, hiking, mountain biking, trout fishing, and abseiling. Apart from these activities, you can also enjoy the bird watching in this place. As most favoured by nature, this place with its stunning scenic views is the home for different bird species.


Sport fishing

The Sipi falls tour not only offers waterfalls with charming nature, but it also offers the trout fishing or fly fishing. Above the waterfall on the Sipi River, you can get the opportunities to learn and take the part in ‘fly fishing’ or ‘sport fishing’.

In this technique, you have to use a light-weight lure or ‘fly’ to catch fish. The fly is thrown by using a fly rod, reel or any weighted line.

Pian upe wildlife reserve

pian upe

In your Uganda safaris, visiting the wildlife and natural diversity of Pian Upe wildlife reserve is unavoidable. Located in the Karamoja subregion of the northeastern part of Uganda, the park is full of undisturbed and wooded grassland with red acacia trees, desert date, bush willows, Harrisonia abyssinica and red spike-thorns. In the case of fauna, you may find elephants, lions, black rhinos, giraffes and also ostrich.

Nyero rock painting

Rock painting

With a distance of 2 hours from Sipi falls, Nyero rock painting is one of the most famous historical rock art in the nation. The place is located in the Kumi district and known as the sacred place for the Gods. Located from the distance of 250km from the Kampala city, the site holds Uganda’s ancient culture and heritage of mankind.

Cultural encounter

Uganda cultural tour

During your Uganda safaris, never forget to enjoy the cultural diversity of Uganda. The main ethnic tribes are Baganda, Bahima, Bakiga, Banyarwanda, Bunyoro, Batoro, Langi, Acholi, Lugbara, Bagisu, etc.

The dressing also differs from culture to culture. For men, “Kanzu” is the national outfit whereas; the women wear “gomesi”, in central and eastern Uganda. The outfit for women in western and northwestern is “suuka”.

As music is important for the Ugandan culture, you can find music instruments like Ndigindi and entongoli (lyres), ennanga (harp), amadinda (xylophone) and lukeme (thumb piano). The drum made from the skin of animals is widely used in Uganda for last funeral rites, entertainment, traditional worship, king installation, exorcism, etc.

Uganda peoples have different dancing patterns. The banyankole performs Kitagururo dance whereas; the Banyoro people follow Runyege dancing style. The Acholi people follow Bwora and Otole dance style, the Alur tribe have the Agwal traditional dance and the Bagisu group follows Imbalu dance.

You can see the spark of their culture in arts and crafts made by woods, Papyrus reed and local material such as black blacksmith implements, beaded jewellery, wood carvings, and batiks. 

Mountain biking

Mountain biking

In Sipi Falls tour, you will get the opportunity for Mountain biking. This activity is also famous as the people get a closer experience of untouched nature of Uganda. Near the Sipi falls, you can go for Mountain biking at Mount Elgon National Park. Most of the people enjoy biking in the morning and evening.

There are also some other regions in Uganda that offer Mountain biking trials such as Kampala to Ssezibwa falls near Kigowa, Nile Special Loop near Buloba, The Via Entebbe Loop near Katabi, Kampala Mukono to Speke Munyonyo near Mukireku, MBURO NP near Rwesirabo, etc.

Sipi river tour

As the cooler climate and the charming greenery of nature, you will get immense pleasure in your Sipi falls tour.

You not only get the peace and pleasant experience but also receive the hospitality of local people like Sabiny and Bagishu staying nearby. You can learn about the different cultures of the local tribes. These people are also the farmers who have the expertise to produce food crops like Irish, carrots, passion fruits, cabbages, and Arabica coffee.

The climate in Uganda is tropical which makes it the best place to enjoy the flora and fauna all year round. There are various routes for the nature works and you will get a professional local experienced tour guide to enjoy nature.

Accommodation around Sipi falls

Sipi falls

In your Uganda safaris, to enjoy the nature around Sipi falls, there are many safari lodges, you can enjoy and relax in there. Cows Nest is situated 2000m on the slopes of Mount Elgon. It offers a delightful view of Sipi falls.

You can try the luxurious cottages of Sipi River Hotel having water system, electricity, bathrooms, with beautiful decor.

Sipi Falls Resort located in Mount Eganol National Park which provides grass-thatched huts and gets the real experience of nature.

As the most romantic place and the cool climate for all the weather, The Sipi falls tours offer you a memorable and enjoyable moment with your life partner. The lush green, hiking path, spectacular view of Mountain with waterfalls can make you fascinated. The paths with different landscapes will amaze you.

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