Ssese Islands: Your Best Honeymoon Destination

Ssese islands

Ssese Islands are a stunning archipelago of 84 islands surrounded by landlocked countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.

This gorgeous group of islands are located in the Lake Victoria, largest lake of Africa. Among sandy beaches, palm, exotic plants, trees and flowers, you will find the local connect with these forever friendly people of Ssese Islands.

What’s the best part? These paradise islands are ready to host you all year long with its tropical climate and all-encompassing weather.

For those travel bugs planning Uganda Safaris, Gorilla trekking and more, visit to the Ssese Islands is a guaranteed retreat.

“Go wanderlust with romantic beach walks, moonlight dinners, campfire, scenic beauty, breezy weather and enjoy the ultimate Honeymoon destination at Ssese Islands.”

How to reach this land of paradise?

Ssese islands
  • Nearest flights connecting to Ssese Islands is the Entebbe International Airport.
  • The ferry departs Entebbe for Kalangala at 2 pm arriving at 5:30 pm. The return journey from Kalangala to Entebbe starts at 8 am arriving at 11:30 am.
  • The fun ferry and boat rides are other thrilling experiences of the Uganda Safari.

Bugala Islands –

  • Bugala Islands, part of Ssese island cluster, is the 10th largest Lake Islands in the world. Covering around 275 km2 (106 sq mi) these islands are also the third largest lake islands in Africa after Ukerewe and Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Idjwi.
  • One of the top destinations of Uganda Safaris, Bugala Islands is the most visited destinations with its infrastructural developments and high efficiency of receiving tourists.
  • Bugala is surrounded with amazing hills and daily travel of tourists and other beach activities make it a suitable destination for visitors. Ferries and boats connect Bugala to the main town of Kalangala.
  • The main primates of the region include Vervet Monkeys, Colobus Monkeys, Bushbucks and snakes. The home of Hippos is the southern islands, along with three endemic species – a rat and three types of butterflies.

Koome Islands

koome island
  • The Koome Islands is a chain of small islands named after the largest north-eastern group of islands i.e. Koome. The island is separated from Ssese islands by Koome Channel.
  • These islands are ideal for camping site, resort hotels, fishing camps and agricultural developments. You can enjoy the Uganda Safari tour at its best in the Koome Islands.
  • Some of the other islands in the same group are Damba Island, Luwaji Island, Ngamba-Chimpanzee Island, Bulago Island, KayagaIsland and more.
  • These islands are apt for the Honeymooners wishing to experience the African Fishermen Culture and Practices.

 People of Ssese Islands:

Uganda tribes
  • The residents of Ssese Islands are extremely modest, friendly and helpful who value relationships unlike today’s urban culture.
  • The main Ugandan tribe inhabiting the region are the Bassese, a Bantu tribe, and were part of the Kingdom of Buganda, the largest of the Ugandan kingdoms
  • The main languages spoken here are Luganda and Lussese. Lussese is a district the Bantu district language and is quite similar to Luganda and Lusoga.
  • Stories around the inhabitants of Ssese Islands say that the Abassese people  lived in the islands for over 500 years ago.

The Must Do’s at Ssese Islands:

  • Swimming:
  • Swimming is the most rewarding experience in the fresh waters of Ssese Islands.
  • One of the best activities of Uganda Safaris, and will help release your weekday stresses.
  • Whether you swim or just sit and watch the beach waves and sun-bathe, this trip is a sure shot spiritual retreat.
  • Sportfishing
Ssese island sportfishing
  • There are varieties of fish species in the Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria like: tilapia, lung fish, tiger fish and more that are caught in the fishing activities. 
  • Visitors enjoy fishing as a major fun activity in the Ssese Islands.
  • Bird watching:
  • For the nature lovers, bird watching in the calm and tranquil lands of these Ssese islands would be a breathtaking experience.
  • There is a numerous bird species like Crested Crane, shoebill Stork, Shelley’s Crimsonwing, Great Blue Turaco, marabou Stork and African Grid Broadbill are a delight to sight.
  • Beach activities:
Beaches of ssese islands
  • You can light a beach fire; you can soak under the sun, play various sports with your family, and Barbeque the fish you caught or simply sit and relax.
  • The most popular location of the Uganda Safari, beaches serve as the best Honeymoon destinations at Ssese Islands.
  • Palm oil plantation:
  • Oil palm production on a commercial basis was introduced to BugalaIsland, in the Kalangala district of Uganda in 2007 with support from the government-funded Vegetable Oil Development Project (VODP) and the International Fund for Agri-culture (IFAD).
  • Shifting their occupation, the islanders have gone from fishing to oil palm cultivation and the situation has changed dramatically.
  • The tall and flourishing palm trees and other fruit plantation around the beaches are a must watch scenic sites of the Ssese Islands.
  • Boat ride:
  • Plan to watch the heart warming sun set with breezy and calm winds hushing over the serene lakes of Ssese Islands in the waters of Lake Victoria.
  • Apart from boat rides, ferries that take you around the islands and connect you to the mainland cities are also a delight to travel in.
  • Kalaya Caves
  • The Kalaya Caves of JjajaKiwumulo or Semuggala is the mystical place in Ssese Islands.
  • These caves are an integral site for Nkima clan one of the 52 clans of the Buganda Kingdom. The caves house traditional items like spears, calablshes, barkcloth and a fire place which is always burning.
  • There are two main entrances to the cave – a small one used for exit and the wider one usually for entrance purposes.
  • The cave has a very good spiritual and cultural history
  • It is believed that people from different countries for ages, have been visiting these caves for seeking blessings.
  • Locals take time retreat and connect spiritually to their Gods in these caves.

Flawless Islands:

  • Bubembe Islands: It is the Bugala chain of Islands, surrounded by forests and swamps, this island is a home to many wildlife including birds such as herons, geese, parrots, animals, such as Chimpanzees, monkeys, crocodiles and Hippopotamus.
  • Bukasa Islands: It is the second largest island of Lake Victoria, is a mysterious destinations with major tourist attractions being various waterfalls, and various animals living in the dense forest cover like monkeys and birds. Damba Islands: It belongs to the Koome chain of Islands in the Mukono district. It is the ideal location for exotic tropical retreat for visitors.
  • Culture Walking:
  • Culture walking is another Uganda culture safari activity that helps travellers analyse the culture and traditions of the Ssese Islands.
  • Canoe Rides :
  • Canoe rides help you relax and take the adventurous tour on the Ssese Islands.
  • Nature tour:
  • You can enjoy the breathtaking scenery with opportunities for lone travelers, romantic trips, or traveling with family at Ssese Islands. The landscapes are beautiful, perfect for hiking or taking nature walks.
  • Wild life Viewing:
  • Ssese Islands hosts diverse range of mammals like Gorilla, Chimp, and the Big five (Buffalo, Elephant, Leaopard, Lion and Rhinos.
  • Patas monkey, red-tailed monkey, l’Hoest’s monkey, golden monkey, Ugandan red colobus and Uganda mangabey are some of the specials. The black-and-white colobus are vividly found in Ssese islands.

When should you visit Ssese Islands?

sunset at ssese islands
  • The best part of Ssese Islands is that you can visit it anytime during the year.
  • The tropical climate of Ssese Islands gives a pleasant all year long weather with temperatures ranging from 21 to 28 degree Celsius during the day and 12 to 18 degrees at night.
  • The hottest months being December to February and rainy season is between April to May and October to November.

Where you can stay at Ssese Islands?

  • Ngamba Island Tented Camp:

You will find room services, restaurants, bars, lounge, laundry facilities and a fire place.

  • Mirembe Resort Beach hotel:

This countryside hotels offer bars, rooms, internet, fishing trips and sailing activities.

  • Pearl Gardens Beach Resorts:

This resort stretches on the white sand beach offering accommodating beach services.

  • Ssese Habitat Resort:

These also provide camping and accommodation sites.

  • Ssese Island Beach Resort:

These are located in the Bugala islands offering services like dining, accommodation and conference facilities.

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