The Magic of Visiting Kibale Forest National Park with Saso Uganda safaris

The Magic of Visiting Kibale Forest National Park with Saso Uganda safaris

Visiting Kibale Forest National Park is now the most fantastic way of incredible Uganda Wildlife Safari. At Saso Uganda Safaris, we now have some rare opportunities for you to join us for the most exciting experiences in Kibale Forests so take advantage and immerse yourself in the deep adventure with the special primates.

Chimpanzee tracking encounter

A very successful way to start your day is with a morning Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda, an early morning rise is required to enable you to get the chimpanzee briefing session from the park headquarters before you start the chimpanzee walk. Kibale Forest is home to one of Africa’s last intact chimpanzee populations, an ideal place to observe chimps in their natural habitat. Most active in the morning for maximum viewing opportunity.

Chimpanzee habituation tour

An ideal safari experience for researchers and primate lovers ,allow our experienced, expert trackers to guide you on a deep forest trail for a full day experience with the Chimpanzees, learning about these fascinating creatures and the enchanting forest they call home. Chimpanzee habituation starts very early in the morning, this popular safari adventure requires early advanced booking. Speak to our safari experts to guide you on how you can have your Chimpanzee habituation permit secured.

Visit Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary.

Located on the fringe of Kibale National Park. Get on a guided tour with our local expert guide, and take along a path through the wetland at times along the boardwalk trail.  Bigodi is a birder’s paradise with 138 bird species having been identified there including the crowd please Great Blue Turaco. The sanctuary is also home to 8 primate species including the black and white Colobus, Red Colobus, mangabey, red tail, vervet, and L’Hoest monkeys. Enjoy experiencing things not many people do during your Uganda safari Tours.

Scenic Crater Tour

Kibale forest is surrounded bya number ofcrater lakes, as part of your Uganda Safari to Kibale Forests, explore the scenic surrounding landscapes. Adventure seekers and nature lovers take a hike to the Ndali crater. These enchanting Crater Lakes give a rare opportunity to the vast views that you will never forget in Africa.

Visiting Kibale forest national park gives a close-up of extraordinary wildlife encountersthat many would not want to miss during their visit to Africa. You can choose to extend your Uganda Tours to other parts of the country and visit Bwindi Forest for a gorilla trekking tour in Uganda, this is a life-changing experience for many tourists that have seen the mountain gorillas in their natural habitats. Let us plan for you a well-suited Uganda Safari Packages that you will definitely love.

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