Uganda Experiential Safaris

Stray from the well-worn tourist path and discover the deep cultures of individual destinations with the emerging trend of Uganda Experiential Tours. There’s no cookie-cutter package for tourism, with consumers striving to “travel better” and seek out destinations rich in culture, nature and history instead of the typical game drive destination. Experiential Safaris In Uganda allow visitors to dive into a destination or habituation experience, people and culture, giving them the ultimate vacation experience. This aim for bigger and better experiences is prominent across the Africa, especially in the Eastern region.

Your groups can experience Uganda like never before with a new series of Experiential Safaris that encourage visitors to roll up their sleeves and be a part of the action! Get immersed and experience the essence of a Uganda Safari. The tours target active travelers that want something out of the ordinary, an experience with “bragging rights” that sets a visit to Uganda apart from other destinations.

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Why you should book a Uganda experiential tour with SasoUgandaSafaris.

The future is not in classic game drive tours, and it’s not in cookie-cutter package tourism either. Travellers’ attitudes are changing, and people want to travel better, on a deeper emotional and more personal level, which explains the rise of Experiential Safaris and Tours.

Experiential travel is a form of tourism in which people focus on experiencing a country, city or particular place by connecting to its history, people and culture. And it’s growing fast.

At Saso Uganda Safaris we understand how a travel experience can truly change a person and we provide our travellers with new, unique, and authentic ways to understand our world.

Our Experiential safaris wish list: authenticity, meeting locals, access to Instagram

All it takes is a few seconds on Snapchat or Instagram for a person’s holiday safari photos, videos, and stories to propel through their circles of followers. As snaps of Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi or chimpanzee treks Kibale, “The Instagram Effect” of envy and wanderlust gathers full momentum and their followers are left wanting to be there too (well, or somewhere better).

Social media, digital innovation, and the desire for bigger and better experiences helped trigger the rise of experiential safaris, and these keen social media users often want to stay connected while they’re seeking out authentic experiences. This is even more so the case for highly-connected travel bloggers, remote workers, or digital nomads who simply need WiFi.

On our tours, we listen to our customers and respond to the overwhelming demand, like making sure we book you in safari lodge that will provide WiFi, or lodges that will provide time for a quiet digital detox so that they can enjoy the best of our Experiential tour packages.

As a tour operator, we don’t gloss over what our destination is really like but cry authenticity – true sense of place is what travellers are visiting our destinations to see and experience. Our experiential safaris are about participation, not observation. We let tourists into the real heart of our cultures without commoditizing them.

These are the real reasons why you should book an experiential safari in Uganda with Saso Safari:

  • We don’t just state it here, we give experience that is authentic
  • We provide inspiring experiences that teach travellers something about themselves
  • We focus on authenticity and inspiration in our marketing, especially using visual content
  • We partner with a network of small and individual guides who share their local culture focus
  • We personalize the experiences we offer and leave room for spontaneity
  • We offer social travel experiences and connect tourists to the local community