Is It Hard To Choose An African Destination?

Surely: it is hard. And an African Safari is harder for those planning for the first time. It is because every part of this large continent is full of travelling treasures and some are yet to be explored.

What Makes It A Puzzle To The Planners?

It is the varied and unique attractions offered by the different destinations. Some of the continent’s destinations display picturesque white sandy beaches, the majestic Kilimanjaro, the big cats that prowl the endless savannah plains across all of the continent’s savannah game parks – any planner would surely be thrown off track. From the shores of the Mediterranean to the snows of Kilimanjaro; the world’s largest mammal migration, from rare Mountain Gorillas to whale sharks; this continent’s offerings are vast and every one of its destinations has an iconic attraction that sets them apart. Making a choice out of a myriad options – even the seasoned travellers who have been to Africa before will feel challenged.

But don’t lose heart. Some African countries remain at the top of everyone’s bucket list for their unique attractions and mostly people pack for those destinations to feel the taste of traditional Africa.

Not to take anything away from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa are the major draws for safari goers interested in viewing game across the vast savannah grasslands, but for those who want the above and more – then Uganda should be your choice. Uganda is home to the endangered Mountain Gorillas and most nature lovers that have been on a trek to meet the gentle giants have said the encounter is the best experience in the natural world. If you are looking for something different, nothing will beat your date with the gentle and rare Mountain Gorillas!

Uganda Is Much More Than The Gorillas?

However, Uganda is about much more than the Mountain Gorillas! Do you want your next vacation to be a blend of a savannah safari and meeting the Great Apes as the Gorillas and Chimpanzees have come to be known, then Uganda should be the ideal destination for you! The country’s savannah game parks also offer what you will get in Kenya, Tanzania or South Africa given that parks like Murchison Falls N.P, Queen Elizabeth N.P and Kidepo Valley N.P will give you the same experience on a game drive along the flat plains.

Book your Uganda Safari today to be photographed with the Mountain Gorillas that live within the rainforests of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and across the border in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

Surveys made by different World travel monitoring organisations state that this year, Uganda will receive a pretty good number of tourists and the justification is the exotic beauty of Uganda given its where the African rainforest meets the African savannah not to forget the fresh water lakes, rivers. At the centre of all this is the experience of encountering the Mountain Gorillas in their natural habitats. Uganda’s proximity to Kenya and Tanzania where visitors who want to experience the wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara and the Serengeti make it a complete East African safari.

Ugandan travel agencies have been receiving increasing enquiries from around the world and the trend seems to be increasing day by day. If you are thinking of a Uganda Safari, then don’t delay. Book it on today.

This article is going to help you make up your mind and also reveal to you why there has been a rush for Uganda Safari in 2021 and go a long way in changing your mind-set from any other country to “the Pearl of Africa.”

The Encounter:

Whether you are a solo traveller, or travelling in a group or with your family: nothing beats your coming face to face with a Mountain Gorilla. You will likely find the specific family of gorillas you have been allocated to track resting with their family under a bamboo bush deep in the dense stunning forest of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park . No doubt, you would be enthralled to find these lovely creatures, close to humans in terms of their DNA, in the frame of your selfie picture if you are lucky! No doubt you would cherish this picture and the encounter would live long in your memory for you and with your family. It is not just the encounter with the Gorillas that will stand out for you when you visit either Bwindi, Mgahinga or Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda but the terrain, the landscape and the flora and fauna – it is all different!

Stable Gorilla Permit Prices:

2021 seems to be the right time for nature lovers who have wanted to come and do the Gorilla trek, because, till 2022, Uganda is not going to change its permit fees. Countries where Gorillas can be found seem to change the permit prices every 1-2 years. Mostly people plan Gorilla Trekking in Uganda with their family and friends and if the permit price rises: it may bring an extra financial burden for you. Hence don’t let the price to go beyond your reach! Make the decision to go now.

Gorilla Permit Availability:

There is no guarantee that there will be Gorilla Trekking In Uganda permit availability on the day you choose. As it is, there is a stipulated number of people per group per day that are allowed to trek Gorillas in a day. Your trekking entirely depends on the availability of the permits. There have been instances when people have waited weeks together to trek Gorillas for non-availability of permits. Unavailability of permit may adversely affect your entire travel schedule and make your tour more expensive. So it is always better to get the permit much prior to your arrival in this scenic land. 

The Name of a Country “Uganda”:

The rewards you would experience in Uganda during your stay would never let you forget the name of this country. The varied landscapes, the differentiated settings of nature: the favourable year-round weather: the boat cruises along the Nile and Kazinga channel, getting captivated by the vulnerable Mountain Gorillas: this country is really a world of difference. Just visit a land for the experience found nowhere in the world.

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